For someone starting off, buying smaller sized artworks is a foot in the door to collecting art. Buying smaller and potentially more affordable pieces gives budding art collectors the opportunity to become familiar with you as artist and your work. With apartments and budgets becoming smaller and smaller, the A5 exhibition will offer an affordable way for art lovers to start collecting, add to existing collections or buy multiple artworks which they can rotate and make a statement in their own home….in essence becoming their own curator.

Our line up include: Abigail Saaiman, Alex Hamilton, Alexander Maritz, Ali Lauren Melck, Alix Rother, Amanda Katz, Anja Botes, Arno Tietz-Geldenhuys, Austen Gordon, Barend Paul Barnard, Buhle Qabaka, Cathlyn Underwood, Cathy McShannon, Chris Koch, Clinton Wood, Danielle Jordaan, Dayna-Gay Tate, Dirk van der Westhuizen, Donavan Mynhardt, Dylan Williams, Francisca Louw, Frank Lunar, Frank Pereira, Gawie Toerien, Gillian Heale, Hugo Babey, Inge Semple, Isabel Reina, Jim Hislop, Joanne Milne, Leana Rauch, Leonora de Lange, Malia Parker, Mareli Janse van Rensburg, Michael Tietz-Geldenhuys, Nicolene Burger, Olivia Bevan, Patricia Fenn, Putter School, Ross Millam, Star-q-photography, Stevie Biffen, Sulette van der Merwe, Sune Burger, Suzanne Egelinck, Tracy Payne, Versonica Reid, Virglo and Willie Schlechter!

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If you are interested in buying any of the artwork or want to enquire about it, please note the number next to the work and use that as an reference in your email to us.