Abigail Saayman

I am an Interior Designer by profession and have recently refocused my passion for creative endeavours.
Alongside my private art, I felt encouraged to experiment after my friends and family asked me to produce a multitude of commissioned pieces.
I follow a collaborative, client-first mindset within my everyday work-space and I try to approach each artwork with the same attitude.
This has allowed me to refine my skills within an assortment of artistic mediums and dabble in eclectic subject matters; depending on what my client envisioned.
I have recently completed works in watercolours, acrylics, Copic markers, felt-tip pens, pencils, as well as digital illustration and graphics.
My works are created without constraint as I passionately and inquisitively follow this journey to identify my niche and hone my personal style.
I am excited to share an extension of my he(art) with you.

Alexander Maritz

Alexander Jurgen Maritz was born on the 4th of May 1998 in Johannesburg.

As a child Alexander, spent most of his time either behind the lenses of cameras or drawing comic book characters. This is where he developed his sense of proportion and perspective. As his self-taught abilities grew, his style developed towards a high contrasting realism, which laid an important foundation for his future work and interests. His current work leans more towards abstract and minimal styles. His passionate drive and entrepreneurial abilities lead him to his first professional commissions at the age of 13. Since then Alexander has completed various commissions ions and exhibited at various galleries and art fairs in Cape Town.

Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton’s pop art career started in 1997, when he opened Bang the Gallery in Cape Town, a contemporary gallery showing his own work, as well as other emerging artists. He had his first international solo exhibition in 1999 in Stuttgard, Germany. Other international exhibitions include Mollorca Spain and Amsterdam, Holland. He has had 5 solo exhibitions at Knysna Fine Art and various solo exhibitions in Cape, Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Price Albert. In 2013 Alex was one of the selected artist to exhibit at the KKNK Visual Arts exhibition, in Oudtshoorn. Alex has participated in a great number of group exhibition over the past 15 years and was the first South African to attend the Cill Rialaig artist residency in Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Alex is an avid curator, with various Mash-up exhibition and arts festival exhibition under his belt. He has won a Fiesta award for Visual Art Curatoring

Ali Lauren Melck

I paint because it makes me come alive and I’m learning how to give myself permission to do more of what feeds my soul.

A morning bird or botanical sketch allows me to appreciate the intricacies of nature, to slow down and embrace the season with the rhythm of a poem. I enjoy oil painting as a practice of being present, with a process of intuitive brushstrokes and contemplated layers of glaze; a finished composition celebrates the experience. Photographing the world around me awakens me to pay attention to colour and light - the way the deep cobalt shadows rake across the landscape or how the sun rays illuminate the edge of a golden leaf. Snapping the shutter mostly leaves me with an awe for light and a whispered ‘wow’.

Home for me is more about the people who live within it and the handmade beauty cultivated there - and so the two places that tug at my heart are Chicago and Cape Town. My childhood holds memories of building forts in the woods of pine and maple trees and catching frogs in calm lakes in the Midwest. For over a dozen years I’ve been rooting myself in South Africa, continually inspired by the Cape’s dramatic beauty, which inspires me to keep creating. Art-making reminds me who I am and nurturing my creativity honours my unfolding.”

Alix Rother

Alix Rother is a Cape Town based self-taught artist who has a keen interest in nature & the ocean, based on her passion for surfing. Alix began to experiment with mediums & techniques during high school which peaked her interest in detailed illustrations & acrylic paintings. With a decision to follow her artistic journey to Michaelis Art School or explore her excitement for natural sciences, she chose to complete her BSc Human Life Sciences & Biochemistry degree at Stellenbosch University.

Since graduating, Alix has once again picked up her art tools and using a combination of her love for surfing, biology and all things tropical, has created pieces that reflect her background. Once established, Alix is looking to partner with several organisations and charities that work towards environmental awareness & protection.

Amanda Katz

Born in Cape Town in 1960, Amanda Katz has loved drawing and painting since early childhood. Her choice of career as an Architect combined her love of art, people, business, maths and science. She started watercolour lessons with Inge Semple in 2017 and since then has re-kindled a love for observation, drawing and painting subjects in nature, especially concentrating on Lion’s Head and local the Cape floral kingdom.

Anja Botes

Anja Botes, a full-time artist currently residing in Malmesbury, was born in Somerset West in 1996. From a young age she had a passion for art and wanted to become a full time artist. It, therefore, came as no surprise that her first exhibition was at Rialto in 2005, at the age of eight.

Reflecting on her journey as an artist, Anja recalls that it was in 2012, that she first fell in love with Impressionism. The ability to capture light and atmosphere left her in awe. Up until this day she still draws inspiration from this time period.

Growing up by the sea cultivated a deep admiration in her for the ocean. Anja enjoys working towards capturing its essence. She is most at ease when surrounded by nature and often draws inspiration from it, being captivated by its untainted splendour. In 2014 she first came across the concept of plein air painting. After meeting artists Pieter Krugel and René Snyman in 2016, this world opened to her.

She is further inspired by modern and contemporary dance and she often enjoys capturing the elegant movement of dancers with charcoal.

Even though Anja enjoys exploring different subject matters, she will always be drawn to people and nature. Anja adores spending time with loved ones and strives towards capturing their essence in her art.

Throughout her career Anja has been recognised on numerous occasions for her artworks. In 2014, she received the painting practical subject prize at the art school P.J. Olivier. While studying at Stellenbosch University, she achieved a first place in the KuKo Photography, Arts and Writing Competition (PAWC), in the art division in 2015. Subsequently Anja started doing drawing and painting commissions and took part in different group exhibitions and auctions.

She continued to cultivate her passion by attending painting workshops of international accredited artist, René Snyman, and the ‘Drawing the Portrait’ workshop of David Kassan, winner of the ‘Portrait Society of America 2017’. These workshops shaped her skill tremendously.

It was in 2018, that Anja (fulfilling her childhood dream) became a full-time artist. Gaining momentum, she took on a two-month internship with artist Louis Jansen van Vuuren, at Chateau de la Creuzette, France in that same year.

Upon her return, she ran her own gallery, Artisan & Artist, for a year. She continued her work, living out her passion and at the end of 2019, she took part in group exhibition ‘Connect to the Now’ at Boomhuis Gallery, Stellenbosch. She also participated in a group exhibition at African Vineyard Guesthouse, Kanoneiland. In addition, Anja is a part of the Woordfees exhibition in Stellenbosch, titled ‘Knoop/ Knot’, curated by Louis Jansen van Vuuren and is one of the participating artists at the upcoming A5 exhibition at Kelvin Corner, in Woodstock.

Anja, passionate about her career and creating art that is meaningful and encapsulating, continues her work being constantly inspired by the beauty around her. In her eyes, the best gift is a beautiful bunch of flowers. You can be sure that she will enjoy them twice: looking at and painting them.


Arno Tietz-Geldenhuys

Born and raised in Cape Town in 1978, Arno is an “try it all at least twice” person. His love for photography started when he started using his husbands camera to “play around with”. From there he bought his own camera and started taking photos where ever he went. He has never exhibited his photos before and decided that 2020 is a good time to start building confidence in himself and stepping into a new ambiance.

Austen Gordon

Hey, I’m Austen!
I am an Interior Designer by trade, Operations Manager by day and secretive Artist by night/weekend.
Currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, I specialise in self-doubt, procrastination and art-supply collection.
Although my body of work is small and insignificant, I am inspired by patterns, puns, fine lines, buildings, imaginary stories and other people on Instagram.
My clients include my boyfriend, a lady from Instagram and Allison - thanks guys!

Barend Paul Barnard

Barend Paul Barnard is a South African artists based in Cape Town. With a background in fashion and clothing design, he is now a full time artist working from his home studio in the heart of the city.

His art focus on simple human beauty, with the hope of drawing focus on out connection with ourselves. He loves working with line and colour and exploring new media. Currently he is working on sculpture as drawing medium. He also developed an open level art workshop - “Drawing as Mediation”, where drawing is used as a mindfulness exercise.

Buhle Qabaka

My name is Buhle Qabaka, born and raised in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, a Visual Communication Design student doing his 3rd year, and I’m an aspiring Graphic Designer/Illustrator. I started drawing since primary school, just taking a piece of paper and scribbling on it. My inspirations towards my work is everyday life, Music & spirituality. I am part of an art collective called Apeshit Youth/Aggressively Progressiv, which is based in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. I’ve also collaborated with one of my lecturers for a book cover design titled Teaching in Extended Programmes in South Africa. I dwell in different types of art, but I major in Illustration

Cathlyn Massingham Underwood

Cathlyn Massingham (Underwood) was born in Pietermaritzburg, and grew up in Kloof, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Cathlyn moved to Cape Town to study in 2000. After completing a year of Fine Art at Ruth Prowse School of Art, she then studied BA(FA) UCT. Graduating Honours, with a 1st class Major in Printmaking. Cathlyn is on the Dean’s Merit List for 2004. Cathlyn had the honour of being supervised by Prof Pippa Skotnes and Prof Stephen Inggs. Cathlyn is a Painter and Mixed Media Artist, working predominantly in
Acrylics and Ink. Two artists that have had inspirational influence on Cathlyn’s work are Henri Matisse and William Kentridge. Cathlyn exhibits work regularly at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, sells work online as well as taking private commissions. She is a member of both SASA, CAS, and Art.b. She lived in Botswana for two years, before returning to Cape Town, South Africa, and is a mother of two. Cathlyn had a very creative upbringing, winning art awards during both her Primary and Secondary Education. Cathlyn remains committed to pursue authentic artistic expression and development. She is passionate about encouraging others to explore and share their creativity.

Cathy McShannon

Cathy McShannon is a visual artist from Cape Town. Her interest in drawing started while at school, followed by fine arts studies in the early eighties at the Cape Technikon. She has continued with her art practice and exploring various mediums whilst working in art related retail fields.

Besides her love for portraiture, she has more recently focused on themes in nature, local bird life and the landscape of the Western Cape.

Her preferred mediums are oils, graphite and charcoal.

She has participated in group exhibitions with SASA at Kirstenbosch, The Cape Gallery, artb, Rust en Vrede, IBiS Gallery, Montagu and has been a finalist in the Sanlam Portrait Award in 2015 and 2019

Chris Koch

Artist, designer, stylist, space transformer, art director, floral architect and whiskey connoisseur. He works as creative consultant to the firm industry in Cape Town and runs St. Christopher Studio, his own creative agency servicing major corporate and private client.

Clinton Wood

With a qualification in graphic design and a love for creating art, Clinton Wood enjoys mixing different media to create new works of art.

Danielle Jordaan

Danielle Jordaan (born 1996) studied at Ruth Prowse School of Art and holds a Diploma in Fine Art. Danielle received her diploma in 2017, where after she spent a year in Israel volunteering as a designer at a social business based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her work has been shown in group shows nationally and internationally, including Israel, America, Denmark, Germany, Finland and London. Danielle is currently furthering her studies at Red and Yellow Design School where she is pursuing graphic design. She predominantly paints with oil, acrylic and instant coffee and hosts workshops around South Africa teaching people how to paint with instant coffee

Dayna-Gay Tate

Dayna-Gay is a Zimbabwean-South African, born 1994. She studied Visual Communication Design at Stellenbosch University and has since been fascinated with creating artworks that linger within the intersections of painting, design, photography and poetry.

Dirk van der Westhuizen

My art has a rougher more textured look leaving the detail more obscure and open to interpretation. My use and application of colours bring depth, meaning and character to my paintings.

I love playing around with different mediums (ink, charcoal, acrylic) on wood, canvas and recycle paper. I get a thrill out of reusing discarded materials. Many times I use a resin to finish off a painting. It has the ability to seal and give extra strength. This technique livens the painting either with a gloss or a matt finish.

Donavan Mynhardt

Donavan Mynhardt completed a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, and a diploma in The Appreciation and History of Photography, before obtaining his master’s degree in Art History at the North-West University, Potchefstroom in 2015. He has participated in group exhibitions and made his curatorial debut in 2018. Although his passion lies in art writing and curating, he occasionally dabbles in illustrative work and freelance design, preferring to work in pen and ink. He currently lives and work in Cape Town.

Dylan Williams

Born in Cape Town, Dylan is a self-developed multidisciplinary leading artist of the generation that emerged in the wake of apartheid. Since childhood, he has treasured every moment drawing, around his home and even at school; he was constantly drawing as a way to express his emotions.

Dylan studied in a formal graphic design establishment; there he absorbed the acute attention for form associated with visual design. After qualifying, he worked as a freelancer and only later in 2000 he taught himself the fine art of oil painting, he loved the classic master painters and decided the best way to learn would be to paint famous portraits. Also working with a various elements including clay, cement, wood, metal, plastic, canvas, pastels, watercolour, acrylic, paper and aerosol, really fuelled his creativity and education in contemporary art. He loves simplicity of pencil on paper sketches, its raw and real and lingers in your mind, he said.
After many years of painting and sculpting refining his skills, he decided to start selling his art. Subsequently he enrolled in the Spier Arts Academy, where he discovered his unique artistic articulation. The lectures at Spier motivated him into realizing his authentic aptitude. The realization that his art are noteworthy farther strengthen his resolve and focused him in the pursuing his dream and becoming a successful artist.
Dylan has exhibited in Cape Town, Johannesburg and even sold to art-lovers in the USA. Being the type of person who loves new challenges, he started a comic book company and produced his first comic book in 2018. In 2019 Dylan was in a terrible car accident which nearly ended his life and after a brief stay in hospital he was back behind the easle painting his heart out even though being in constant pain, never giving up his first love, Art.

Francisca Louw

Francisca Louw has been practicing visual art for almost twenty years. She trained as a fashion designer and owned a successful fashion boutique during the nineties. It was located in Kloof Street Cape Town. Drawing has always been part of her work and the learning process to become a painter and printmaker. “ I have had many competent teachers and influencers who helped me to develop my painting skills and later intaglio printmaking which at the moment is what I enjoy doing. My work is usually minimalistic and mostly has a narrative, giving the artwork its own life and allowing it to speak for itself.”

Frank Lunar

Frank Lunar is a graphic artist, specializing in illustration. He lives and work in Cape Town, creating concept art, children’s books, comic books, story boards as well as giving drawing lessons on weekends. His art is influenced by spirituality, psychology, history and the idea of a collective unconscious.

Frank Pereira

Frank is a self-taught artist, professional actor, traveler, adventurer, cactus gardener, painter, sculptor, props designer and general creator of artworks using alternative materials to create beauty from ashes. He is a native of Potchefstroom, South Africa, a BA Speech and Theatre graduate from NorthWest University (NWU) and a former provincial rugby player. He has just returned to South Africa after having lived abroad for the past 17 years, in Taiwan, New York and most recently, Thailand. Frank is precognitive in his approach to any project. To him, planning is an
intuitive and slightly mysterious business. He relies heavily on images sensed in his mind’s eye. His first impressions are extraordinary in that they are extra-sensory and accurate. Pereira describes these impression as internal lectures, glimpses or parts of the whole. They are sometimes a clue to a bigger picture but rarely are they complete. According to Frank, he is not really in control of this process and often doesn’t understand these counterintuitive flashes. To, him, the challenge lies in bringing that internal image into this realm. He attempts to follow these internal guidelines wholeheartedly, even though they are often contrary to common sense. Once he feels that he has something concrete and tangible, he lets that serve him as a guide. Regardless of the medium, no line, scratch, smudge, brushstroke or smear is superfluous. Everything must be included or at least given a chance to present itself in Pereira’s inventive realities. To paraphrase Paul Klee, Frank takes the line for a walk.

Gawie Toerien

A man of a few words, and more visuals, GP Toerien is a Capetonian born 10 June 1971.

Gillian Heale

Gillian Heale lives in Cape Town and has practiced all kinds of art making for many years.

Hugo Babey

Hugo Babey is an artist photographer born in Paris. Idealist & dreamer, he longs to share his vision of the beautiful world we live in. Full of spirit, energy & life are describing how he interprets both our reality and his work. Hugo is always reminding us to slow down, as he is a firm believer that human’s body and brain have an inner rhythm connected to mother earth. He’s currently working on satirical drawings of our times and he keeps exploring how colors and paints can enhance his message.

Inge Semple

Inge Semple is a Cape Town artist who is descended of the earlier pioneers who inhabited the Cape. Her work is deeply rooted to the land. She lived in an old thatched forestry house in Tokai for 21 years which led her to document lesser known Cape Fauna around her. She has the capacity to delve into the tiniest details to reveal the wonder of creation as well as to depict impression. She is also a landscape painter who revels in painting in situ, depicting the colour of the light, which differs each hour.
Her influence can be traced back to her father drawing with her from when she was a toddler, and also her studies during her student BA Fine Art years in Stellenbosch University under Paul Emsley and Ellalou o Meara in 1982-85. During those years she was drawn to the old masters and made many copies of Durer, Turner, Constable, Rembrandt and Monet. Modern masters who inspire her are Makoto Fujimura and other present day Japanese nihonga artists, Chien Chung Wei, Alvaro Castagnet, Joseph Zbukvic, Carlo Russo, David Leffel, David Kassan and Vivian van der Merwe.
Ever curious and a lifelong student, Inge is also a 5th generation teacher who loves teaching drawing and watercolour from her studio in Newlands. She works in charcoal, watercolour and oils and has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Grahamstown. Inge is currently working towards her 5th solo exhibition. Her work is in private collections worldwide.

Isabel Reina

Born in Seville, Spain, Isabel studied and worked for eleven years in London before moving to Cape Town and turning her hand to her passion, painting and drawing. While Isabel has been creating art in various forms throughout her life it was not until 2006 that she started creating her art on a more regular basis.

In her works she juggles with great ease between styles and techniques drawing her inspirations from day to day experiences and her state of mind. Her paintings are inspired buy the examination of colour, texture and forms as found in figured, city scrapes and nature.
Isabel creates compositions wherein one finds charismatic atmosphere and enigmatic moods behind a background of tranquilities. She has exhibited in various group exhibitions and private functions and her work is being collected throughout England, Spain, Italy, Holland, Australia, France and South Africa.

Janine Steytler

My creations were born from an expression of my deeper psyche that I unearthed to make sense of my Shadow Self. The first time I created a piece of art, never knowing where it would take me, I was overwhelmed by the truth that would bleed onto paper. The sense I made from the images I created had propelled my journey of embodiment as a human being in such a way that I was able to look at myself in a new light and re-learn who I truly was. All of my creations have been birthed from personal experiences, some very traumatic and others very enlightening and guiding. Every piece of art I have made consists of a map of a certain facet of my psyche and every single line, dot and shape is anchored in an experience or realization and is drawn with intent and understanding. My art may seem “far-out” or cosmic – but this reminds me of where I am from and how I have embodied this experience here as the woman I am today. I create existential spells from my Shadow Self that bleeds onto paper and my creations are silhouettes of my celestial bones. I am Janine Steytler, and my art is here to cast light onto my own shadows in order to look deep into my roots and unearth the parts I think are not beautiful, and turn them into something beautiful to fertilize my mind.

Jim Hislop

Born in Cape Town, Jim Hislop attended the Foundation School of Art in Observatory and is currently a member of the Observatory lifedrawing group. He draws in his spare time.

Joanne Milne

Joanne is a self taught emerging artist living in Cape Town. Originally from Scotland, Joanne now lives in Kommetjie with her husband and 2 young children. Although encouraged to pursue art at school, she chose to become a physio and travelled extensively before having a family. It has only been more recently that her passion for art has returned and become her full time occupation.

Living between the sea and the mountains, Joanne is inspired by the spectacular seascapes and colourful local fynbos and sunbirds.

Leana Rauch

Leana is a contemporary realist artist currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Portraiture is a focus of her practice and she has studied figurative art and portraiture at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy and at Studio Escalier in France (under the Ron Wilson Fellowship Scholarship).

As an emerging artist she has been a finalist in the Sanlam Portrait Awards, Tollman Bouchard Finlayson Art Award, SA Artist Cover Competition and the Living Portrait Master Competition (South African Portrait Society).

She has been featured in the South African Artist Magazine and has work in private collections in Denmark, South Africa, Canada, Romania and Germany.

Before becoming a full-time painter, Leana practised as a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Leonora de Lange

Leonora enjoyed drawing and painting from an early age and had private art lessons while at High school. She has a B.A. fine arts degree from Wits University (1971 – 1973) and a T.T.H.D. from the Johannesburg College of Education ( 1974). She lived in various places around Southern Africa during her married life and uses references for her drawings and paintings from her travels both in South Africa and abroad

She has been a member of the Miniature Art Society of S.A. since 2006 and is currently on the committee as Chairlady. She has sold miniatures through a number of galleries in the USA, the Hilliard Society in England , the Tone Art Society in Bangladesh and on our exhibitions here in South Africa and was one of the top 5 sellers at MASSA’s exhibition in Hyde Park in 2013. She achieved MPSGS ( Member of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society in USA) and HS (Associate of Hilliard Society, U.K.) Status in 2016.

She has been teaching adult art, in all mediums, (also miniatures), at various centres since 2006. She works in watercolours, oils, acrylics, pastels, ink, pencils and charcoal and enjoys a variety of subject matter including wildlife, landscapes, cityscapes, figures, portraits, still life, flowers and abstracts or semi-abstracts occasionally.

Malia Parker

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, and have been drawing and sketching for most of my life.
I continued learning different techniques through reading and YouTube videos.
During 2016 I ran an after-school art therapy program for children from impoverished communities on the Cape Flats, Cape Town.
After moving to Johannesburg, I continued producing acrylics.

Mareli Janse van Rensburg

I am an artist based in Cape Town. My art is a reflection of my daily thoughts and experiences.

I studied fine art and have since then explored various mediums. I have fallen in love with watercolour and I use it to translate my thoughts into art.

Michael Tietz-Geldenhuys

Michael Tietz-Geldenhuys lives and works in Cape Town. He has a Bachelors Degree in Art, majoring in painting and photography. In 2002 he discovered the Florence Academy of Art - returning the following year to attend a drawing course, and a painting course more recently in 2014, focusing on classical realism and sight-size method of painting with an emphasis on chiaroscuro.

Michael has taken part in various group and solo exhibitions over the years and was selected as one of the top 100 in the Sanlam Portrait Award in 2015 and 2017. Michael hosts monthly figurative drawing sessions in Observatory as well as producing work for the ongoing Creative Block Project.

Nicolene Burger

Nicolene Burger is a visual artist living and working from Cape Town. She received her BA (Visual Arts) from Stellenbosch University in 2017. Nicolene creates primarily in oil-paint, installation and performance art. Nicolene’s work look at questions around how we remember individually and collectively posing questions such as: “What are the forces that influence memory?”; “How can these forces be manipulated?”; and “What is the artists role in the processes of remembrance?”.

Olivia Bevan

Olivia Bevan is a Cape Town based artist, currently working as a teacher, who wants to fight the system. She is a painter and printmaker by nature, as she is interested in exploring space, multiples and working within a process. “Printmaking allows for a removal from the artist and their mark in varying degrees and with this removal from direct mark making, endless discoveries can be made. Printmaking or methods of transference enable a process-based learning that is creative and adaptable to individuals. This type of creative skill and process learning creates space that leads to creative thinking.”

Patricia Fenn

I work mainly in oils. The colours I use are often unnaturalistic as is my use of light. I use distortion to further enhance the mood I wish to create.

Since 2010 I have been painting on a full-time basis, concentrating mainly on portraiture.

I paint directly from life as well as from photographs that I set up and take myself.

Putter School

Putter School is an extramural program for creative teenagers, run by well-known artist and teacher, Andrew Putter. All works were made by: Maya Barrett, Zachary McGowan, Jenna Gibson, Ruth Wesselink, Laila Bernicker, Aurora de Smidt, Isabella Gray, Serena Tarantello, Abby Weiss, Jaime McGown, Kayla Wilck, Joshua Cloete, Anouk le Roux, Franky Bruce, Lea Marmarellis, Georgia Scarborough, Gia Solomon, Jenna Dugmore, Laila Bernickow

Ross Millam

I guess I’ve always been surrounded by art, and am lucky to have come from an artistic background – both my parents are artistic and they always encouraged my artistic pursuits when I was younger. I always enjoyed drawing, in particular ships and aircraft, and spent hours copying pictures in books from the school library. In retrospect I now wish I had spent more time on my art in the past, but as one grows up, there are always other left (and right) – brained distractions, my other creative pursuits being carpentry and jazz music. I never really considered art as a career and instead chose to study engineering – perhaps believing the rumours about artists being poor, and rather choosing a safer, but perhaps less fulfilling career path. However, I believe it’s a crime to neglect the talents one is given, so I have again in the past few years decided to concentrate more on my artistic endeavors. I have now learnt that, like anything, art and painting is about training the eye, just like music is about training the ear, and one has to spend time at it every day in order to achieve a reasonable proficiency in it. I know I still have a long road to travel, but it is a rewarding one, one which constantly inspires and challenges one to find different ways to express ones surroundings. Apart from being inspired by the natural environment, I find the bigger inspiration comes from seeing other artists work. I believe art is not just about creating a perfect reproduction of ones subject, but rather finding new ways to interpret it and convey my own expression through it. I hope I have managed in some way to do this, and ‘strike a chord’ with those who look at my work.


Winston is a portrait, fashion and editorial photographer, who is inspired by people, places and fashion. From a young age he was obsessed with fashion magazines, so naturally it didn’t take long for him to start taking his own photos.

Stevie Biffen

Stevie is passionately seeking what makes us “human”. With too many degrees in serious disciplines - biological anthropology, human bioscience, psychology and neuroscience - she actively tries to make her artworks quirky, despite their often serious undertones. The focus of her work is to raise awareness of our effects on nature, each other and ourselves. Doctor, tea drinker, Yorkie mom and serial dog hugger, she’s excited to connect over on the social media’s: @nonewpens on Instagram and Stevie Biffen on YouTube.

Sulette van der Merwe

Sulette van der Merwe is a artist born in 1982 in Durban. She achieved a National Diploma in Fine art in 2004 from Tshwane University of Technology.

Sulette van der Merwe has been living in Cape Town since 2005 and has worked primarily as a painter and video animation artist. Exhibitions include “Recovery” 34 Long Gallery Cape Town (2009) “ The interesting party” Art is a fire Collective Cape Town (2018) , “nano 1.3” at Barnard Gallery Cape Town (2019) 51.3% Daor Contemporary Cape Town (2019) Joburg Fringe Johannesburg (2019) and “The second show” 131 A Gallery Cape Town (2019) “Rites of Passage” Gallery One 11 Cape Town (2020)

Sune Burger

I am a Cape Town based artist and freelance photographer. I grew up in George and went on to study BA Fine Arts at Stellenbosch University (2015 graduate) as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. I later completed the 6-month technical course in digital photography at ORMS CTSP.

As a child I would spend hours on end going through old family photographic archives, constantly asking “Who’s this? When was this?”, flipping them over to see what was written on the back and in who’s handwriting. I am a sentimental and nostalgic at heart, always have been, and it comes as no surprise that I continue to ask these questions through my art.

In general my artworks evolve around the recollection of memories. My oil paintings are based on photographs and film stills from my family archive. I use photographs and family films as a way to remember my past as well as connect with events and people from before my birth.
To me the act of painting is a very personal and intimate experience. Through painting I try to interpret what I experience emotionally when I revisit these documented “memories” or when I’m trying to feel a connection with “secondhand memories”. Most importantly, I try to find a way of reconnecting with my roots.

Suzanne Klein Egelink

I am an artist from the Netherlands but haven’t actually been in that country for a very long time. I prefer Cape Town and all the natural splendor it has to offer. Nature and animals are definitely a huge source of inspiration, as well as a feeling of serenity. I enjoy experimenting with different materials and techniques and enjoy doing art the most when I can tap into the playfullnes of it.

Tracy Payne

Tracy Payne (b.1965) lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. She graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town in 1987. Payne has worked form various studios in Cape Town, as well as in Johannesburg and abroad from time to time. Conducting her own residencies has had a great influence on her work most especially Berlin, Barcelona, New York,Tokyo and Dharamkot and Khajuraho in India. In 2014 Payne moved her studio to 196Victoria, a beautifully renovated Victorian building in the heart of Woodstock. For the following four years, she divided her time between painting and teaching art. Presently Payne is working full time on completing her latest body of work in preparation for her 9th solo exhibition.

Payne’s work forms part of numerous private and public collections such as the Luciano Benetton Collection in Treviso, Italy; Hans Porer Collection in Switzerland; Spier Art Collection in Cape Town, South African Department of Public Works and South African Fruit Exporters in Cape Town.

Tremaine Thomson

Tremaine Thomson is an artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. He has been selling art for over four years to great reception both nationwide and in the UK. Tremaine uses primarily graphite and charcoal to explore themes of identity and the natural world.

In his latest series “My Dreams of the Land” Tremaine constructs imaginary landscapes inspired by Africa. The dreamscapes in this particular series were fabricated using a combination of rocks and flora from some of the most awe-inspiring natural sites in South Africa, including Kaapsehoop, Lion’s Head, Table Mountain and the Cederberg. To him they illustrate the reverence with which he regards the natural lands of South Africa – places of peace, beauty and idealism. When viewing each work, one is invited to escape with the artist through the parts of his mind which give him the greatest peace - and in doing so - share that peace.

Veronica Reid

Veronica Reid studied Graphic Design at Cape Technikon for three years (1966-1969). She married in 1970 and has been blessed with two daughters and a son. When her children were over the age of 13, Veronica attended the Ruth Prowse School of Art to study watercolour. She participated in a few courses with Greg Carr and has studied at the Artists’ CO-Op.

Veronica worked as a Graphic Designer for Reckett & Coleman and thereafter for Robinson Packaging, working in a studio with Giles Treasure, son of watercolour artist Douglas Treasure.

Veronica’s medium of choice is oil. She enjoys portraiture and capturing small intimate garden or park scenes. She has the unique capacity to obscure and capture light. Veronica is presently in the process of expanding the scale of her work.


A natural artist at heart her point of reference is always nature in both its most primitive and most complex state. There is always a conversation taking place where she looks at unusual forms which have always fascinated her even as a child. Her curiosity fuels ideas which is then translated onto the canvas in various shapes and forms.

Willie Schlechter

Willie Schlechter was born in 1982 in Joubertina, a small town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. His high school years were spent in the picturesque town of Lady Grey, surrounded by the southern Drakensberg mountain range. Here he attended the Lady Grey Arts Academy and was exposed to visual art, drama, music and dancing, which would all play key roles in his future inspiration and art making processes.

After he matriculated in 2000 Willie proceeded to further his love of the arts by enrolling at the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Stellenbosch. In 2004 he received a BA FA (Fine Art) degree and subsequently an MPhil VA (Illustration) degree in 2008. At this time, he started teaching Visual Art and Design at Stellenberg High School in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town. At the end of 2016 he resigned in order to further his career as a full-time artist

During the course of his studies Willie has worked in various mediums and techniques, from painting and printmaking to photography and film. However, his love for painting and realism was most encouraged while doing a course in botanical illustration as part of his postgraduate studies. Since then he has worked mainly within the genre of botanical art, and has received awards for this at various exhibitions. His first solo exhibition in 2019 was botanically themed and he is one of a few South African botanical artists to be included in the Grootbos florilegium.

His fine art works have been selected for the Sasol New Signatures Competition in 2008 and more recently the Sanlam Portrait Awards in 2017.

Aside from painting, Willie produces his botanical work as interior products and often presents workshops and art classes in and around Cape Town.